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Client Testimonials

14th-17th June 2016
Details: Hi Andrew, I want to thank you again for your incredible job in booking our recent safari in Masai Mara. Peter is an incredible guide - his knowledge about the animals and birds is astounding. You and Go4Fun went out of your way to make our trip enjoyable, safe and a true adventure. Every one of your recommendations turned out to be world class. We're already thinking about a family trip to Kenya in the future. Also thank you for going out of your way to get me my lost cell phone - this was above and beyond, and sincerely appreciated!
Howard B. Schiffer

Hi! Andrew/ Catherine,
Happy New Year, hope the year has started well for you. Apologies for the delay in replying, just gotten back to work. The trip was great and we really loved it. The guide was very good and professional. I will be definitely be travelling with you again. Thank you.
Will you guys be having packages for the World cup this year? Please keep me posted.

Road Safari Mara 21st-23rd Dec 2016
Hello Andrew and Catherine,
I hope all is well. I am back in the USA and would like to thank you for the wonderful time my family and I had during our safari - we saw lots of animals, the driver was friendly and knowledgeable and the camp was clean with good food and friendly staff. I would definitely recommednd your services to family and friends.
Warm regards,

Lake Nakuru
Just wanted to thank you for the great trip we took with your organization to Lake Nakuru on Friday Nov. 6. It was an awesome day and the driver/guide was great. We really enjoyed the flamingoes and other animals. We later went to Masaai Mara for the weekend and although that was very impressive based on number and variety of animals, Nakuru was very special to us as there were only 4 of us that went on that day trip. We especially appreciated the convenience of a skilled driver getting us there and back safely. Kenyan roads are extremely challenging to drive and having to do that would have made the vacation memorable for the wrong reasons!

Sue Tripp

Brett June 2016
Samburu & Mara Safaris

Thanks for organising a fabulous trip. Everything was organised perfectly and ran smoothly.
We found Peter to be an excellent driver / guide. Brett and I have done many, many safaris over the 10 years we have worked in Tanzania and we found Peter to be the BEST driver / guide we have ever had. He has an excellent character, he is very knowledgeable. He is never annoying and he knows excactly where to park for good photographs. He does not harrass the wildlife and we enjoyed being in a vehicle that did not have the constant drum buzzing of a radio blarring away in the background.
We will definately be recommended your company and Peter as a driver to any of our friends that will be visiting Kenya in future. And we might come back in 2017 so will surely let you know.

Self Drive to Amboseli 25th to 27th dec 2016
Hello Andrew / Catherine
Hope you guys are doing well and hada great festive season.
Amboslei was all that and more.We went all the way upto oloitoktok.We Had a great time in general .Only issue we encountered was the drive from one gate to another to pay the park fees. But we enjoyed the time and drive.We are back in one piece . Thanks again for the great arrangement esp the hotel .They were all so karibi karibu it was just lovely . Hope to see you guys soon God willing.
Best Regards
Zahra / Moha

White water Rafting kenya
White water rafting safaris in Kenya provide a combination of white-knuckle adrenaline thrills and scenic bird viewing on a wilderness safari on game viewing. The spectacular scenery and abundant birds and game make rafting in Kenya a unique experience. The length of trips can be tailored to your own requirements and there are a variety of rivers to choose from.
The Tana River
Usually rafted as a day trip the river starts with 3 km of class 2 and 3 rapids, followed by 6 km of calm and scenic river, Abudant Bird life(over 120 species),before a final 7 km offast and exiting Grad 4 and 5 white water.
Calm water section to the camp lasts fot 4 hours

Road packages(Departs daily@7am)

ksh 7800(Min 4 Pax required)Daytrip
Ksh 11000(Min 4 Pax required)Daytrip and overnight
Extra Night at 4950 

Non Residents  
Usd 110 (Min 4 Pax required) Day trip
Usd 165 (Min 4 Pax required) Day trip and overnight
Extra Night at us 65

Day entry fee 550 ksh per adult  350 per child  this expires at 6pm . thier after
Overnight fee apply 1350 ksh per adult  750 per child.
(Including tents and mattress if required)

If you dont meet the above numbers person contact us (+254 and drop the zero from outside of kenya) 0722527407 we will advice when we have others going for you to join in or email us with your dates  info@go4funsafaris.com

Departs from the our office It is an hour and a half drive to our campsite near Sagana. The clients are offered tea or coffee with biscuits when they arrive.After the refreshments the clients are given a safety briefing then they are transported up the river to the put in point.  They are provided with life jackets, helmets and a paddle.
The trip will take from four to five hours depending on the water levels. Note we may put in at a different points depending again on water levels. Below is a brief description on the full rafting trip. The Tana River is a drop pool river offering and exciting day of white water rafting. The adventure starts with a 3 km of easy class II and III white water, where plenty of opportunity to gain the practise of paddle skills required to run the lower part of the river. A 6 km section follows with an hour or so of relaxation to view the abundance of bird life around.  Cool off with a swim in the warm water.The final 7 km of river, back to the campsite starts with some easy class III waters where paddle commands are gone over again.  It is now the 3 big rapids (class IV and V) with names like Captains Folly, Can of Worms because of its four 90 degree bends in succession, and Sphincter Flexor. Subject to water levels we may be able to surf in fish eye and then swim the next couple of minor rapids. Numerous smaller rapids brings one on to the last big one – Spasm, a series of drops over ¾ km section with a big surprise half way through. We reach the take out point campsite about 4 to 5 hours after setting off, where a full barbeque lunch awaits us. Plenty of beer and soft drink Included.
You depart after lunch for Nairobi arriving back where we picked you up from before dark usually by 1800hrs.

What to Bring-
Clothes you do not mind getting wet i.e.T Shirts, shorts or long sleeved shirt and trousers (especially for those who burn easily) and shoes that will not come off.

All trips depart from outside our office at 0700 hrs. Prices shown are inclusive of transport, and food. Soft drinks and beers are included in the price. Group sizes maximum of 60.
Additional facilties .
Marcels cottage (the cottage 3 pax) 5,500 per night

Self contained safari nest /cottage
Doubles ksh 4,000 per night
Triples ksh 4,500 per night
Ouadruples ksh 5,000 per night
Extra person / Bed in cottage  500 per night

Large tent
(2 camp bed and bedding) extra person in the cottage  1250 per night
Bunkhouse  (Bedding included )1150 per night
Additional Bedding  (Sheet pillow and blanket-set) 200 per night

Full board Accommodation
Doubles ksh 4,000 per night
Triples ksh 3750 per night
Ouadruples ksh 3,500 per night
Camping  ksh 3150

Parking Upper Area Free of charge
Lower Area 500


Bungee jumping in Kenya

We are jumping off a 60 meter (200 feet) high, custom build steel tower erected on the banks of the Tana River near Sagana, which the participant will have to climb, safely tight up of cause, before the jump.
This is East Africa’s first Bungee jump site!
Commercial operation started in December 2002.
Costs of jumps are as follows
Single jump Ksh 5.000,-
Tandem jumps Ksh 9.000,-(two people jumping together at the same time)
Gift vouchers are available at the same prices but payment will have to be made before the jump takes place.
Min Numbers required is 3 pax

If you dont meet the above numbers person contact us (+254 and drop the zero from outside of kenya) 0722527407 we will advice when we have others going for you to join in or email us with your dates  info@go4funsafaris.com

Weight restrictions.
Maximum weight of a jumper is restricted to 105 kg.
Minimum weight 40 kg.
Maximum weight with a tandem jump (two people jumping together at the same time) is a combined weight of 105 kg.
There is no age restriction; on the other hand the client will have to fit properly into the harnesses provided.
Weight and the correct fitting of the harnesses are the most important safety factors in Bungee jumping. We do take safety seriously so people will be weighed before the jump and those that do not fulfill the weight restrictions or fit into the safety harnesses properly will not be allowed to jump.
In case a client is refused a jump due to weight or size a full refund will be given.
Time restrictions for each jump.
Every person will have 15 minutes in the jump cage. If the jump has not taken place after that time the person will be returned to the ground without refund.
On days where we are not so busy the time spent in the cage before the jump may be extended, alternatively another chance may be given sometime later in the day.
Release of liability.
Every jumper, or in the case of minors, a parent or guardian, will have to sign a ‘release and assumption of risk’ form.
Bungee jump as part of a safari.
The Bungee jump can be as part of a Safari up north, on the way to Mount Kenya, the Aberdares or Samburu National Park as we are located only one hour thirty minutes out of Nairobi on the Nyeri road. A picnic-camping site is available.
Bungee and White Water Rafting.
The Bungee jump can be combined with a day of white water rafting .  In this case transport from and to Nairobi as well as a barbeque lunch and drinks will provided by SWS and the Bungee jump will take place either before or after the rafting.
Costs for both activities together are $ 170 per person
Sleep over
An extra night in our camp with food, drinks and accommodation provided will be a total of $ 220.
On the one day trip we will leave Nairobi between 7:30 and 8:00 o clock in the morning. Exact pick up time will depend on pick up point. Return to Nbi will be before dark so sometime between 18:oo 18:45 in the evening.
On the overnight option we will leave Nbi at the same time as above but will return the next day to Nbi around lunchtime.
Clients who would like to provide their own transport, or will be transported by their tour operator.
In this case please follow the map as shown on our brochures or follow the below listed instructions and if necessary, pass them on to your clients.
The jump site and camp is located on the banks of the Tana River, 95 km from Nairobi on the Nyeri road.
Minimum number of pax required is three!
If you are a single person contact us we will advice when we have others going for you to join in


Malewa River whitewater Rafting Trip.

Day 1: Pick up very early from Nairobi and transfer to Naivasha Kigio Wildlife Conservancy in the Rift Valley. Here you view some of the resident wildlife before you head off the property and up to the put in point far upstream. After instruction in rafting techniques and safety on the river you are out in charge of your own 2-3 person raft. The first day is a smooth water session with the occasional small rapid that is easily negotiated with your new skills.
Later in the morning a you pull over to the river bank at a local Kikuyu tribe Homestead and view how rural Kenyans in this region make a living. Onwards we paddle viewing python, waterbuck, and Sykes, Velvet and Colobus monkeys that live in the towering riverbank Acacia trees. You stop for the night at the campsite for a hot shower then join us under the stars for an aperitif before dining under the stars.

Day 2: Now with days paddling experience we tackle rapids up to grade 3+ on the Malewa River negotiating rapids called the Waterfall, Otter and Eland Bend. A magic, fun day where you are in command of your craft. A sense of satisfaction is felt as we near the end of our trip and pull out at Malu lodge. We then transfer you back to Nairobi arriving late evening.

Our Price is inclusive of the following:
  • Transport from Nairobi to Naivasha and back Nairobi by road.
  • Meals and accommodation for the entire trip.
  • Paddling in 2-3 person craft.
The rafting is guided by experienced guides.

Mathioya River

A day trip for 95 Kms from Nairobi The Mathioya is a narrow, low volume river, which runs for 22 km with a descent of 450 m. The water is not especially big but it is fast flowing and many of the rapids are technically difficult and class 4 and 5.

Ksh 14000(Min 4 Pax required)Daytrip and overnight
Extra Night at 3000

Non Residents  
Usd 185 (Min 4 Pax required) Day trip and overnight
Extra Night at us 50


Athi River
3 days trip .All 450 km of the Athi is raft able and the stretch bordering Tsavo National Park is especially scenic with good game viewing and exciting rapids ranging from class 2 - 4. Fun and adventure all the way.
Ksh 30000(Min 4 Pax required)Daytrip and overnight
Extra Night at 5500

Non Residents  
Usd 420 (Min 4 Pax required) Day trip and overnight
Extra Night at us 125

Ewaso-Ng'iro River
This exciting river trip takes at least 4 days and has long and difficult stretches of white water, ranging from class 3 - 5. The river flows through Samburu National Park as far as Chandler Falls in Shaba National Park. The scenery is spectacular and wildlife abounds. The lower age limit for rafting is 14 with parental consent. There is no upper age limit although individuals should be of at least average fitness and health and should respect the rivers.
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