19 Nov, 2017  
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Client Testimonials

14th-17th June 2016
Details: Hi Andrew, I want to thank you again for your incredible job in booking our recent safari in Masai Mara. Peter is an incredible guide - his knowledge about the animals and birds is astounding. You and Go4Fun went out of your way to make our trip enjoyable, safe and a true adventure. Every one of your recommendations turned out to be world class. We're already thinking about a family trip to Kenya in the future. Also thank you for going out of your way to get me my lost cell phone - this was above and beyond, and sincerely appreciated!
Howard B. Schiffer

Hi! Andrew/ Catherine,
Happy New Year, hope the year has started well for you. Apologies for the delay in replying, just gotten back to work. The trip was great and we really loved it. The guide was very good and professional. I will be definitely be travelling with you again. Thank you.
Will you guys be having packages for the World cup this year? Please keep me posted.

Road Safari Mara 21st-23rd Dec 2016
Hello Andrew and Catherine,
I hope all is well. I am back in the USA and would like to thank you for the wonderful time my family and I had during our safari - we saw lots of animals, the driver was friendly and knowledgeable and the camp was clean with good food and friendly staff. I would definitely recommednd your services to family and friends.
Warm regards,

Lake Nakuru
Just wanted to thank you for the great trip we took with your organization to Lake Nakuru on Friday Nov. 6. It was an awesome day and the driver/guide was great. We really enjoyed the flamingoes and other animals. We later went to Masaai Mara for the weekend and although that was very impressive based on number and variety of animals, Nakuru was very special to us as there were only 4 of us that went on that day trip. We especially appreciated the convenience of a skilled driver getting us there and back safely. Kenyan roads are extremely challenging to drive and having to do that would have made the vacation memorable for the wrong reasons!

Sue Tripp

Brett June 2016
Samburu & Mara Safaris

Thanks for organising a fabulous trip. Everything was organised perfectly and ran smoothly.
We found Peter to be an excellent driver / guide. Brett and I have done many, many safaris over the 10 years we have worked in Tanzania and we found Peter to be the BEST driver / guide we have ever had. He has an excellent character, he is very knowledgeable. He is never annoying and he knows excactly where to park for good photographs. He does not harrass the wildlife and we enjoyed being in a vehicle that did not have the constant drum buzzing of a radio blarring away in the background.
We will definately be recommended your company and Peter as a driver to any of our friends that will be visiting Kenya in future. And we might come back in 2017 so will surely let you know.

Self Drive to Amboseli 25th to 27th dec 2016
Hello Andrew / Catherine
Hope you guys are doing well and hada great festive season.
Amboslei was all that and more.We went all the way upto oloitoktok.We Had a great time in general .Only issue we encountered was the drive from one gate to another to pay the park fees. But we enjoyed the time and drive.We are back in one piece . Thanks again for the great arrangement esp the hotel .They were all so karibi karibu it was just lovely . Hope to see you guys soon God willing.
Best Regards
Zahra / Moha

Kenyan Tour operators
Kenyan Tour operators

Invitation to Tour operators and Travel agents :
We take pleasure in inviting Tour Operators and Travel Agents who wish to liaise and establish partnerships with us in travel and tourism business in Kenya Uganda and Tanzania EAST AFRICA.

Go4fun Safaris limited Has been operation for the last 10 years with wide experience and Membership in Various Tourism bodies ,enviromental and conservation organisations

Go4fun Safaris is a Member of Kenya Based Licensed and Registered Tour operator
A Member of Kenya Association of Kenya Operators (KATO)
Supporter to childrens home

Below are some of the services we provide.
Inbound and outbound travel services
Resort / hotel bookings
Incentive programs
Combined tour packages to neighboring countries
Honeymoon packages and Beach holidays
Kenya Camping Safaris
Kenya luxury lodge Road
Air Safaris

Ps:We respond to all official emails with 24hrs on receipt except on Sundays and public holidays . If you do not receive a respond to your email within this time frame please re-send, fax +254202248043 call us on mobile phone +254722527407
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Why us ?

Quality & Security -  We are bonded Tour Operators
On site offices - We operate our own tours from our Nairobi office and effective ground handling is the key to a successful holiday.
Great prices - Communicate direct to us and benefit from great deals we offer session discount as they come.
Excellent services - Our company is renowned for personalized and efficient customer service.
Flexibility - We strive to meet your every request by tailoring our packages to suit you.
Quick response - All enquiries are responded to usually within a 12-hour period but never later than 24 hours after receipt of enquiry.

What to Expect of Kenya's Climate
By and large, Kenya's climate is warm all year round, with plenty of sunshine and cools nights and mornings. Current temperature in Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Kenya However, if you are traveling across Kenya, expect to experience different weather patterns due to Kenya's differing topographical dimensions.
Generally, the hottest season falls between February and March with temperatures as high as 93F, while the coolest season falls between July and August with temperatures dropping to the low 50's(F).
In Mombasa, Malindi and around the coastal regions, it is humid and hot. The city of Malindi, for instance, receives an average rainfall of 1,050 mm (41 in) per year, with average temperatures and weather forecasts ranging from 70 to 90F in January and 68to 84F in July.
The low plateau area is the driest part of the country. There, the town of Wajir receives an average annual rainfall of 320 mm (13 in) and experiences average temperatures ranging from 66 to 99F in January and 66 to 93F in July.
Nairobi, the capital city situated in the temperate Kenyan highlands, receives an average annual rainfall of 790 mm (31 in) with average temperatures ranging from 48 to 84F in January and 45 to 79F in July.
Areas of higher altitude within the highlands receive much larger amounts of rainfall. The Lake Victoria basin in Western Kenya is generally the wettest region in the country, in particular, the highland regions to the north and south of Kisumu, where average annual rainfall ranges from 1,740 mm (70 in) to 1,940 mm (80 in). Average temperatures in this region range from 57 to 93F in January and 57 to 86F in July.
The average annual temperatures and climates in Kenya's main areas are:
Nairobi: Max 77F , Min 55F
Mombasa (coast): Max 86F, Min 72F
North plains: Max 93F, Min 73F

Kenya Weather and Rainfall
Rainfall is seasonal throughout most of Kenya. The coast, eastern plateaus and Lake Basin experience two rainy seasons: the "long rains" extend from March to June, while the "short rains" occur from October to December. The highlands of Western Kenya have a single rainy season, lasting from March to September.
All parts of the country are subject to periodic droughts, or delays in the start of the rainy seasons. Kenya's climate has had a profound effect on settlement patterns as, for centuries, the population has been concentrated in the wettest areas of the country.
If you're coming to Kenya on a vacation or holiday, you will enjoy the weather because most of the Kenyan tourist destinations have near perfect temperatures. It's neither too hot, nor too cool, with long, sun-filled days.

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